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Deira, the principal setting for Mythica, is an outlying kingdom in the vast Vitalion Empire inhabited by a motley assortment of humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, ogres, dark elves and every fantasy creature imagined.


Against the backdrop of the Vitalion invasion of Deira, Szorlok the Necromancer discovered the Darkspore - the obsidian heart of the Lich King - an artifact of immense power that could render him immortal and give him control over the dead. A group of wizards, led by the mighty Gojun Pye, defeated Szorlok and the legendary necromancer slipped away into shadow.


Now, twenty years later, Deira is firmly under Vitalion control - patrolled by her soldiers and ruled by her magistrates - but remains a corrupt backwater on the edge of the Outlands - the vast wilderness of ruined civilizations, fearsome creatures, and untold treasure. Marek, our heroine, lives in a small military outpost on the very borders of this wilderness - a settlement large enough to support a branch of the Thieves Guild, a crooked Magistrate, and several public houses - the most notorious being Hammerhead’s Inn, a hub for adventurers, fortune seekers, outlaws and anyone seeking to escape the oppression of Vitalion rule.


It is into this wild land that Marek escapes, set on finding fortune and glory, and carving out her own place in a dangerous world.

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